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I came up with the idea of making intricate paper cutting art designs due to my love of art and intricate home decor. I wanted to make unique paper cutting designs that were made to order, being personal to the recipient and that would stand out once framed and hung in the homee creating a personalised paper gift. Here's how I do it: -

To start I draw the design onto greaseproof paper ensureing the design is exactly how I want it. I use graphite sheets in order to trace the design onto the card, this makes it an easier way of transferring the design and it also means I can keep the original design if i wanted to use it again. Once the design is complete and transferred onto the card I'm ready to start the cutting.

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 To start cutting out the design I use a cutting board behind the card and make sure I have a specialist cutting knife with different tips. The cutting is the crucial part as if you get it wrong there's no going back! Sometimes it difficult to try not to get too excited when cutting as you can get carried away, I find I have to have breaks and make sure I'm nice and fresh and concentrating on what I am cutting. the pressure is on towards the end as that is when you really don't want anything to go wrong.

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The window part in this design was the most tiresome part, difficult to not get bored of each little window and to remain with the concentration needed.

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The exciting part is the end when it all comes together and you are then happy with the end result. This customer did not want any background of the frame as she wanted to be able to put it on the wall and have the colour of her wall as the background. I therefore took the backing board out of the frame and used another sheet of glass for the back instead. The tricky part with this was trying to get the design in the correct place when putting the glass together. I used very small pieces of clear sticky back plastic on some parts of the design so it wouldn't slip down in the frame.

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