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I want to share how I created this Art Deco Black & White Photo Frame. I love trying to come up with new designs and experimenting with colours. 

I started this project by finding a suitable base frame for the design I wanted. This was quite important as I wanted the mosaic tiles to be in lines around the frame and the frame would need to be a certain width so the mosaic tiles were nicely spaced from each other without the gaps being too large. I started by placing a piece of paper over the glass of the frame to make sure the glass is protected. I then started to make sure the tiles would fit in a nice way around the frame and then to the edge of the frame. Spacing is important to get right as I didn't want to get to the end of a line and start having to squash the tiles together.



I just built up the frame by glueing the mosaic tiles onto the frame ensuring at all times the spacing was correct. I used a nice strong glue to glue the tiles onto the frame as it is important that the tiles do not become loose whilst I apply the grout. Once all the tiles were glued on I gave it some drying time. I them ran my thumb and finger along the tiles to make none of them were loose, I would re-glue any that became loose. Once this is done it was time to start grouting. 

dscn2137 dscn2177 dscn2203


I had white grout to mix up with water however because I had used white mosaic tiles with this project I wanted a grey grout so the white tiles would still stand out, I therefore mixed up the white grout and added some black Acrylic paint into the grout. This was mixed well until I was happy with the colour. Once this was a good consistency, not too wet and not too hard, this was then applied to the frame. I have a grout spreader which makes things easier but you can just use bits of cut up cardboard which does the job just as well. I made sure using the grout spreader that the sides of the frame and also the inner part of the frame was nice and neat.

dscn2209 dscn2207 dscn2208


I then left the grout to dry for approximately 15 minutes, this allowed it to dry enough for me to start wiping the frame down. You need to be careful you don't let it dry too much on the top as it will then be difficult to wipe it down. I would wipe with a damp cloth constantly washing out the cloth between the wipes. this would take some time as you may need to wait for it to dry a little more and then wipe again until the tiles become completely clear of any grout covering them. Once this is down I normally let the grout dry hard overnight. 




The finished project is below. 


dscn2235   dscn2231


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